Year: 2020


In Massachusetts, the statutory requirement for bodily injury is only $20,000.  This means, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a car insured in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there is at least $20,000 in bodily injury coverage.  More times than not, a client will call and tell me he or she has serious bodily injuries.  Some with fractured arms or legs.  Others have broken teeth or torn muscles which require surgery.  I always advise the potential client not to hesitate, come to my office right away.  If there is minimum insurance available, my advice is to achieve a settlement with the insurance company before a medical lien sets in on your personal injury case.  This must be a consideration.  Once a statutory medical lien is perfected against a personal injury case, paying the hospital out of your settlement becomes a legal obligation.  There are legal ways to avoid a medical lien on your personal injury case.  I can help you with this.  Typically, there is not enough insurance available to satisfy serious bodily injury claims.  Probably half of the people on the road in Massachusetts carry only a 20/40 bodily injury limit.  Unless you carry optional bodily injury underinsured motorist insurance on your own auto policy, only 20,000 for insurance coverage will be available to cover your serious injuries.  Even worse, in New Hampshire, an individual is not required to carry liability insurance on their vehicle, unless they have a bank loan on their car.  Therefore, if you are seriously injured in a car accident or a slip and fall, please do not hesitate.  Contact a personal injury or car accident lawyer immediately.  I want you to obtain the most money for your injury as quick as possible.


Did you know you can get a personal injury settlement, even if a car or truck crashes into you and flees the scene of the accident.  Yes, you certainly can, and you do not receive a surcharge from your insurance!  One of the great misconceptions I regularly see among clients, is they believe they will get a surcharge if they pursue an uninsured bodily injury claim against their own auto policy or a friend’s, when it involves a hit and run accident.   Please let me be clear, the only way you receive an insurance surcharge is if you are found 50% or more at fault for the motor vehicle accident.  Surcharges are based upon a fault system.  So long as you are not at fault for causing the car accident, the insurance company will not surcharge you for going after a personal injury case.   Therefore, please do not be mistakenly scared away from obtaining a personal injury settlement.  If you are hurt in a car accident and it was not your fault, please get the medical attention you need and call a personal injury lawyer if you need help.