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Attorney David Curtis: Proven Experience in Personal Injury Law



  • Complete and thorough knowledge of insurance claims
  • Skilled in personal injury case investigation, evaluation, and settlement negotiation
  • Utilizes extensive insurance background and experience to maximize client compensation


  • Committed to achieving exceptional outcomes for every client
  • Persistent in securing maximum compensation from insurance companies
  • Dedicated to addressing and prioritizing client needs and customer service
  • Achieves superior results through meticulous effort and dedication


Navigating a personal injury claim can be complex and exhausting. It’s crucial to choose an attorney with a comprehensive portfolio in personal injury cases, someone who is assertive and will advocate your cause vigorously. Attorney David Curtis is renowned for his dedication and ability to secure the justice and compensation his clients rightfully deserve.

Office: 978.241.4870


Attorney David Curtis strives to provide a high level of customer service to each of his clients.  I want the client to feel like they are involved in the process from the beginning of the claims process until the end.  I am committed to customer service, which means keeping you informed of your case, being accessible to you, and ensuring that you are satisfied with the results. Clients can text attorney David Curtis on his cell phone.


  • Car Accident Lawyer
  • Bus Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Rideshare Accidents (Uber & Lyft)
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Incidents
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • And more!


  • Immediately report the accident to the police..
  • Complete a crash report via the RMV website:
  • Notify your insurance agent within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Seek medical attention at your local emergency room right away if you are injured. Take an ambulance when that is an option. Don’t wait, because the insurance adjuster will discredit your claim at the time of settlement.
  • Consult an attorney before providing statements to insurance adjusters to avoid jeopardizing your claim.
  • Consider retaining Attorney David Curtis to navigate and expedite your claims process effectively.


Haverhill, Bradford, Methuen, Lawrence, N. Andover, Andover, Lowell, Boston


Evening and weekend appointments available. Home and hospital visits offered to accommodate your needs.

Stephanie Cook
3 weeks ago -
Positive:  Professionalism, Quality,  Responsiveness, Value
Attorney Curtis is the best attorney ever if you are in an automobile accident. I was in a serious accident where a lawyer in Salisbury, MA., did not take my case seriously. I ended up with severe injuries due to this accident and lost my job because of it. The lawyer in Salisbury would not even seek that I could get medical treatment. The day that I went to see Attorney Curtis, I immediately felt at ease. He began to work on my case immediately and I got the medical treatment I needed. The end of the story is this, the beginning settlement from where the lawyer in Salisbury said we had to settle the case, because he there was no case started at $3,300.00. At the end because I sought out proper representation from Attorney Curtis, my settlement was $100,000. I will forever be grateful for all that he did for me and how he fought for me from beginning to the end. You do not find attorneys like him any longer!
Silvia Cametti
2 weeks ago -
Positive:  Professionalism, Quality,  Responsiveness, Value
David Curtis handled my case with the utmost professionalism. I was uncertain how to deal with the legalities of an accident as I had never had to do so before, but Mr. Curtis made it easy and reassuring. He worked efficiently, diligently, and effectively to ensure I received a just settlement. I would definitely recommend him.
Mark Carlson
a month ago -
Positive:  Professionalism, Value
Attorney Curtis was very professional and knowledgeable of personal injury law. I was in an automobile accident. I was afraid I would get stuck paying exorbitant medical bills. After just a brief description of the accident, he took charge and pursued the drivers insurance company. Not just were all medical bills paid in full, he also got me a lot of money. I am extremely thankful to Attorney Curtis. Thanks Dave
Robin Cavallaro
6 months ago -
Following a serious car accident, I met with David Curtis. He answered all my questions and took care of making all the contacts necessary with the insurance companies involved. Attorney Curtis was very professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable as the best way to approach my case! I followed everything he said to do and was very patient which he said was also very important. We just settled my case and I was very pleased with the amount Attorney Curtis was able to get for me. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of an awesome Attorney!!
Tammy Couture
a month ago -
Positive:  Professionalism, Quality,  Responsiveness, Value
He is an amazing attorney. Cares about his clients and fights for u excellent
John King
7 months ago -
Attorney David Curtis was very professional, approachable and listened to me. He took time and did not rush me and answered all my questions which put me at ease. I felt he was concerned about my health and wellbeing as well as legal matters. He followed thru and work hard for me and I believed he was dedicated to my case. Finally, he negotiated a fair and equitable settlement from my accident. I would personally recommend Attorney Dave Curtis to friends and family.
Jill Robinson
10 months ago -
Attorney Curtis took great care in explaining to me and my son. I felt he knew what he was doing. He is tenacious and precise. He always was available when we had guestions or concerns. Office hours are very flexible. He persevered and got e a settlement that was fair. I thank him for his professionalism and kindness.
Carol Caron
9 months ago -
David Curtis is sincere, kind, polite and very professional. David understands his clients needs and works very hard for them. Communication is very important to David and he was wonderful at keeping us informed about the process and progress of our case . We would highly recommend David to anyone in need of dealing with a personal injury case.
Thank you to David!!!
2 months ago -
Something that sets Attorney David apart from any other attorney I've ever worked with is how much he communicated and kept me in the loop through the whole process of my case! I would reccomend his help to everyone I know because I know they would be taken care of!
Eliz Laporte
8 months ago -
Attorney Curtis was very professional and reassured me all the way threw communication was impeccable his hard work and commitment was amazing you made sure that our family received the settlement we deserve I feel very blessed I thank you so much
Kelly R
a year ago -
5 star service, I highly recommend!
Dave offered peace of mind after my accident, which to me was priceless. Being in an accident is overwhelming with pain, appointments, bills, etc but Dave took care of it all. I found a lot of comfort in his expertise. He always answered my calls or got back to me right away. I felt like his only client although I know he has many. That kind of service is hard to come by. He kept me updated and with realistic time frames. He knows the business very well. He also had a handful of great recommendations for car services and health services. I mentioned to my neighbor that I'd hired him and she said "Oh fantastic guy! He's the best in the business. He'll take care of you" and he did. Thank you Dave
Response from the ownera year ago
Thank you Kelly.
Cody Haynes
a year ago -
David treated me beyond what I had expected. He is an outstanding lawyer and person. I wasn’t expecting a settlement from my case and he definitely overachieved. I am very impressed with his work and would recommend to anyone with a personal injury case. You are in good hands with David D. Curtis JR!!! Thank you!!!
Chris Waterhouse
10 months ago -
Following a serious car accident, I met with David Curtis. He answered all my questions and took care of making all the contacts necessary with the insurance companies involved. He worked on my behalf allowing me to focus on healing and receiving the medical services needed. After the negotiations for the settlement went back and forth he would not stop until I was comfortable and confident with the end result.
Kristina Jackson
a year ago -
David was on top of my case, & updated me as he was updated. He is a very nice and patient person who is on top of his game! He's an extremely excellent lawyer who I HIGHLY recommend, he got me what I deserved and explained everything to me, so I could fully understand the legal terms and conditions. I cannot thank David Curtis Jr. enough for his loyalty and efforts. I am more than pleased with his work and who he is as a person! Thank you again David, I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Kristina J
Claudine Mitchell
a year ago -
David's background and knowledge in the insurance industry is what captured my attention and was ultimately the reason why I hired him as my lawyer. I was hurt in a car accident and David used his expertise to get me a settlement that I deserved. Thank you David.
Response from the ownera year ago
Thanks Claudine
Rick Wentworth
a year ago -
I am very happy with the service and attention David gave to my accident case. He listened to things I had to say and had great respect for my input. He answered the questions I had honestly and, if he didn't know the answer, he found out right away. He kept me informed through text and email and returned any of my communications promptly. He has a great knowledge of the insurance industry and how they function in settling cases. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or hire David again!
Response from the ownera year ago
Thanks Rick
a year ago -
David Curtis is a wonderful lawyer and person. He handled my case with the upmost professionalism and worked hard to get the settlement I deserved.
Thank you David,
Linda Roach
Response from the ownera year ago
Thank you Linda
Edwin Wilkins
2 years ago -
Attorney Curtis is one heck of a lawyer. I was in a bind with a neighborhood issue and he jumped right in to help me. I was very impressed with his services and his attention to his clients. I would definitely use his services again and would advise anyone else to rest assured that he will take care of you too. Highly recommended!
Inez G
3 years ago -
I am the victim of a vehicle accident. My husband researched attorneys and we contacted David D. Curtis Jr. I had no idea the accident would take such a toll on my life. Besides the medical and on-going health, financial devastation, my mental and emotional state of mind was turning me into someone I didn't recognize anymore. I can't say how many times I had issues with everything the accident created, that I felt free and safe to email or call David and speak with him directly. He always listened and could calm me down and always had an answer. If he didn't have the answer right then, he would call me back when he did. He was instrumental in keeping me "sane" at times when I thought I was loosing my mind. He would email or call me just to see how I was doing. I am beyond grateful for finding Attorney David Curtis Jr. I don't believe we accidentally met, I think it was divine intervention! He has, as always, gone far and above what I had expected or ever received from any other business/customer service that I ever had to deal with. He never fails to listen to me. That is the biggest complaint most people have, is that feeling that no one is listens or cares about them. I feel so blessed to have David. As I said before, when I have had flashbacks, or bad memories I can call him and he listens and is compassionate and caring. He never fails to let me know how the case is going. David lets me know that I have not been forgotten; he consoles me on any issues I may have. I personally rest assure knowing I have the best lawyer & am in good hands. It is very comforting to know I can count on him to listen, to answer, or just be there when I need someone and not make me feel like a nusiance. He makes me feel like I matter. And that is very important to someone who has been in my situation. If I have need for an attorney in the future, it will be Attorney David D. Curtis Jr. that I call and I believe you should too!! An undeniably pure gratification to you, David D. Curtis, Jr. Thank you! (:
Response from the owner3 years ago
Wow thank you Inez for such a thoughtful review
Maggie Davenport
a year ago -
Attorney Curtis is a more than a capable lawyer with the added abilities of understanding the moral issues of our day. He is distinctly noble and a student of the law.
Response from the ownera year ago
Thank you very much Maggie
Krystina Parise
a year ago -
Dave was extremely attentive & worked hard to get me what I deserved. Id deff recommend to anyone looking for a decent priced and trustworthy lawyer
Response from the ownera year ago
Thank you
Claudia Gregoire
3 years ago -
I worked with Dave extensively for 1 year on several personal injury cases. He offered an impressive amount of knowledge about this area of law and was always willing to go "the extra mile" to ensure the very highest settlement amount for plaintiffs. I would hire him in a heartbeat for accident and personal injury matters!
Response from the owner3 years ago
Thank you so very much for your fantastic review

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